Chapter 57

Tajor put on his malicious expression. “That’s too bad. I missed. I was aiming for his head.”

Chapter 56

“What was that?” “Explosion,” Jerryck said.

Chapter 55

“I’ve taken no oaths to the Gathering,” Jerryck said. “They have no binding spell on me. I can go through whatever ceremony I want.”

Chapter 54

“They keep a hut for strangers to sleep in,” Sakila said to all of them. “You have permission to use it. Follow me.”

Chapter 53

Several large creatures circled through the air, just over the next rise. Most of them had a wingspan wider than the height of a tall man.

Chapter 52

“How did we get up here anyway?” Jerryck asked

Chapter 51

Jerryck followed it up with fire. Good thing it was just a dream

Chapter 49

Heston grabbed Jerryck’s arm and hoisted him to his feet. “You’re coming.”

Chapter 48

The mayor put his hands on his hips, puffed out his chest, and scanned around at the crowd of men. “All of you, go get your weapons!

Chapter 47

“Coincidence magicians are what give every other magician a bad reputation for being charlatans. They’re notoriously inaccurate.”

Chapter 46

Tajor whispered, “You keep that vapid smile on your face and people are going to think you’ve lost your wits entirely."

Chapter 44

"I opened a portal for her. After that, I was so drained I just wanted to sleep."

Chapter 43

He still wasn’t sure if it was actually scrying or just his imagination.

Chapter 42

“You’re the magician,” one man grumbled. “Think of something.”

Chapter 41

“I figured it out!” Marla grinned triumphantly.

Chapter 40

“I need a word with my sister.” Jerryck looked over at all the heads turned away from him. “That’s what’s wrong. Where is she?”

Chapter 39

Zev drew his hand back in to himself. “I can hurt myself doing this?”