Spell Caster Chapter 18

“What happened here? I can’t even count how many times I’ve made this trip, and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Spell Caster Chapter 16

“If they irritate the dryad too much, she’ll kill them all.” “Unless they kill her first,” Heston said. “Not likely,” Jerryck said.

Spell Caster Chapter 14

“If someone would poison an entire river…” Jerryck paused to shudder. “Would they do something else later on?” “Guaranteed,” Heston said.

Spell Caster Chapter 11

"You are hereby ordered to appear before the Gathering to explain your actions, or refute these accusations."

Spell Caster Chapter 7

How had she figured that out so quickly? Was she more sensitive than he? Just how powerful was she?

Spell Caster Chapter 6

"People who use magic, their aura tends to fluctuate more than most others. Because they use it, then regenerate it at greater capacities."

Spell Caster Chapter 4

He needed to catch a particle of the actual taint. And whatever that was, lay in the vats. How could it have gotten there?

Spell Caster Chapter 2

Fire consumed. Why couldn't it be altered? What if it consumed other magic... Like Tajor's curse.