Chapter 38

He handed over the request he’d written, then summed it up for her. “I’d like to take my nephew Zev for my apprentice.”

Chapter 36

“I came as soon as I heard the good news!” Masorno exclaimed between gasps for air.

Chapter 37

Princess Nita’s fifteenth birthday fast approached

Chapter 35

How had they started glowing? He hadn’t cast any kind of spell for it.

Chapter 34

“So what society changing decision has the Gathering made?”

Chapter 33

“I’ve come to exercise my right to bother you whenever I please,” Tajor said

Chapter 32

“There’s no law that says a woman cannot be a ruling queen,” Terrance said.

Chapter 31

Tajor smirked. “When do I ever give advice?”

Chapter 30

“None of these kids are old enough to be an apprentice,” Jerryck said.

Chapter 29

Jerryck blurted. “You both look kind of stupid.”

Chapter 28

“A little paranoia has kept a lot of people alive.” Garret’s grin widened. “More people should be paranoid. It’s a healthy state of mind!”

Chapter 27

The front of their procession reached the closed gates in the walls surrounding the palace, and stopped.

Chapter 26

A portal would have been faster. Unfortunately, it wasn’t reasonable.

Chapter 25

“You just took everything from me!” Keniv shouted in Jerryck’s face.

Chapter 24

"We need to put together a delegation to go and bring the condolences of Brend to Prince Sanbralio.”

Chapter 23

“Andreno is far too interested in our water and our current relations with the Chemwanitz.”

Chapter 22

The last time he had tried to magically heat coals for a bedpan, he’d ended up setting the bed and the entire room on fire.

Spell Caster Chapter 19

"There had to have been someone less annoying than you available." "How can you say such things?" Tajor gasped.